Zgemma H5.2tc


    Can I watch one cable channel whilst recording another on a cable box?
      Yes, on both the Zgemma H5.2tc and H7C you can watch one channel while recording another, they both come with a twin cable tuners. If you enable the satellite tuner on the H5.2tc or H7C then you can actually record 2 channels while watching a third as long is one is a satellite channel. The Zgemma H4 has a triple cable tuner so you can record 2 cable channels while watching another.

    I have previously had cable in my house or there is a feed in there from a previous owner - will this still work?
      In most cases VM don't disconnect lines these days when people cancel their services or move out so there's a good chance the cable is still live. The best way of checking is by borrowing a cable VM box or router from a neighbour / friend / family member to test it.

    I have a cable feed from my wall going into the router / tv box at the moment - how do I connect the zgemma to cable?
      You will need to split the feed using a good splitter - VM use Tratec / Technetix 5-1000mhz splitters but you can buy Labgear 5-2400mhz ones from Screwfix etc. that also work well. The H5.2tc and H4 just requires one feed going into the box, the H7C requires two so you will either need two spltters if buying the H7C or a three way splitter. We do not recommend buying cheap unbranded ones or with names on that nobody has ever heard.

    Where do I screw my VM feed into?
      The VM feed goes into the RF input - you will require an adapter for this purpose which screws onto the end of the F connector then the RF side is just a push fitting. If you buy a H5.2tc or H4 with one of the two set up options then this adaptor is included free of charge, if you purchase the H7C two adaptors are needed and we again provide them for free if you have opted for us to set the box up for you.

    What is the difference between Basic setup and Premium setup?
      The Premium set up comes completely set up, the Basic set up is flashed with our build.

    How do I find out my cable Net ID?
      You can use our Cable Net ID Map and find the town nearest to you, do note that some towns have 2 Net ID's and to make things a little more complicated the nearest town is not always the Net ID you need.

    I have access to a VM box can I get my Net ID from that?
      if you have a Tivo box press Home and then select 'Help & Settings' and then 'System Info' followed by 'Diagnostics' and the top line is your NetID.
      if you have a V+ Box press the Home button and then select 'Settings' followed by 'Technical stuff' and the first item is your Net ID.

    Do I get full 7 day EPG?
      If you are using the satellite tuner as well as the cable then you can get a full 7 day EPG however for cable alone you get a full 5 days EPG.

    I have VM broadband but never had VM TV. Would a box still work if I split the signal to the router having never had the TV services?
      Yes, it would.

    Do I need VM internet?
      No - any internet will do but you do need a live VM feed coming into the property.

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